Check what is in the box: (If you're missing any items, please stop the install and contact us)

1 - Reverse polarity cable
2 - M3 x 8mm Motor Mounting Screws (3)
3 - Capricorn Liner
4 - Spring Pin
5 - Spring
6 - Knob
7 - Main Extruder body
8 - E-Clip Retaining Ring
9 - Motor Gear
10 - Extruder Lever with gear
11 - Printed Extruder Knob
12 - Brass compression sleeve
13 - 1.5mm Allen wrench
14 - Shoulder Pin
15 - Compression nut
16 - Brass compression sleeve (spare)

Tools Required: 

  • Sharp knife
  • 2.5mm Allen wrench
  • 2.0mm Allen wrench
  • 1.5mm Allen wrench (included)
  • 10mm wrench



Verify that your extruder gear is removable. (held on by set screws). If your gear is pressed on, the motor will need to be replaced. We recommend the Creality 42-40 stepper motor.

If you have a filament runout sensor or any other custom components, verify the fitment of the new extruder. Some printers will need to have the filament runout sensors moved to a 3D printed bracket.

Remove the filament spool from the printer and allow the printer to cool down.

Step 1 - Safety


For your safety, turn off and unplug the printer.

Make sure the hotend is at room temperature before working on the printer.

View remaining install guide on Micro Swiss: with detail photos.