Official Install Guide and Video for Micro Swiss Hot-end

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Written Guide by DREMC Team

Step 1: Unload any filament in the printer, using unload function via screen or manually unloading filament, please perform unloading while hotend is heated according to loaded filament.

Step 2: Turn off machine.

Step 3: Remove Fan Shroud, using M2.5 Allen Wrench

Step 4: Remove PTFE Tube by pressing down on the connector.

Step 5: Remove Existing thermistors and heater cartridge and hotend off carriage.

    Step 5A: Using the M1.5 to loosen heater cartridge and carefully remove from heater block.

    Step 5B: Using a small Phillip drive unscrew thermistors clamp carefully and lightly pull thermistors out. 

    Step 5C: Using M2.5 Allen Wrench remove the two bolt holding hotend in place onto backplate.

Step 6: Assembling the hotend

    Step 6A: Screw existing bolt onto provided heat sink. 

    Step 6B: Screw the metal titanium heatbreak onto the top of the aluminum heater, finger tighten. 

    Step 6C: Insert the heater/heatbreak assembly into the cooling sink on the carriage using small black grub screw.

    Step 6D: Install the provided plate nozzle by threading into the bottom of the heater block, finger tighten.

Step 7: Reinstall heater cartridge and thermistors

    Step 7A: Insert the heater cartridge and hand tightened the 2 retaining bolts using 1.5mm Allen Wrench

    Step 7B: Secure the thermistror. [Be careful not to overtighten the screw as this can damage delicate wires]

Step 8: Turn on the printer and pre-heat hotend to 280°C (Read Part 2 if you have current hotend cannot heat above 260°C) [Do note: if you using larger adjustable wrench you may need to wait until temperature to equalised, you may need to perform a PID if you having issues reaching these higher temperature.]

The hotend is now at 280 degrees celsius

Be extremely careful not to  burn your fingers when tightening the 
nozzle and the grub screws

Step 9: Using a provided spanner and adjustable wrench tightening the unit as shown in below photo, one holding the heatbreak in-place and one on the nozzle. [You are aiming for 2.5-3N.m of torque here, if you apply too much pressure at this stage you will risk shearing either the Nozzle or HeatBreak. If you are concerned we recommend the use of a torque wrench set to between 2.5-3N.m]*

Note: If the heat break rotate during heat tightened, loosen grub screw on cooling block and adjust only once heater is cooled. Be sure you have already grip heater block and it may drop if you loosen grub screw too much. 

Step 10: Tignten all grub screw on the cooling block.

Step 11: Tignten the heater cartridge retaining bolts.

Step 12: Cool down your printer and shut it off 

Make sure the printer is fully cooled down. Turn off and 
unplug your printer 
before finishing installation

Step 13: Install the Silicon Socks

Step 14: Reinstall the fan shroud.

Step 15: Reinstall PTFE Tube