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Direct Drive Setup Video:

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Not Suitable for Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend, only for hotend using standard M6 Thread cooling heat sink such as stock Creality Ender 3/5 CR10 hotends. If you need all metal, you can upgrade to all metal from Slice Engineering Bi Metal Hotend or our DREMC All Metal Hotend Upgrade.

Our Recommendation:

  • If you have issue with motor not moving, please swap the two middle pin on adapter cable provided in the kit. (More Info: )
  • Ensure the two gear can rotate with minimal force
  • Re-Calibrate your E-Step, use 760 as base step/mm.
  • For TMC2209 mainboard setup your current to 400.
  • Reduce Retraction distance to 1 mm or lower for all metal hotends such as DREMC version. (To find tune this please print retraction tower)
  • If you're using DREMC All Metal Hotend, you can pre-cut your PTFE to 405mm and use longer adapter. We haven't not tested with shorter adapter as shorter direct drive adapter does not fit on our Hero Me Gen 5 Mounts.
  • Retraction Length (0.5mm-2mm) Retraction Speed (10-20mm/s) - Direct Drive Setup (More Info:
  • Do note, notice a few extra part after install. This usually the case, as kit include extra bolts/nut for different range of installs.