Full Compatibility table:

 ComponentCompatible Spare Parts
NozzleMK8 Nozzle: Shop Collection Now
SocksSocks: Shop Socks Now
Heat BreakAll Metal Heat Break Upgrade: Shop Now
Build Plate

Ender 3v2 Nero: Shop Build Plate

Ender 3 Nero Max: Shop Build Plate

Timing Belts

Ender 3v2 Neo: Replacement Gates Belt Shop Now

Ender 3 Neo: Contact us for custom length/crimp service

Ender 3 Neo Max: Replacement X Axis Gates Belt Shop Now 

ThermistorReplacement Compatible Thermistor (1.5m): Shop Now [Note: Some batch are shipping with glue bean style thermistor, which may not be removable, require new heater block or hotend]*
HeaterReplacement Compatible Heater (1.5m): Shop Now
Heater BlockReplacement heater Block: Shop Collection
Part Cooling FanEnder 3 Neo V2: Part Cooling Fan Shop Now
Hotend Cooling FanEnder 3 Neo V2: Hotend Cooling Fan Shop Now
ExtruderReplacement All Metal Extruder: Shop Now
Belt Tensioner X/Y Replacement  Belt Tensioner Pulley



Can't find a spare you need or you unsure which are better? Contact us

* Please see below for example of factory hotend using bean style thermistor. In some reported case its glue in place while other is removable. Its always best idea to remove existing thermistor to double check, to ensure you purchased correct thermistor.