Reprap Configuration (Duet)

M350 E16 I1 ;micro stepping set to 16 with interpolation
M92 E690 ;steps/mm – you may need to finetune it
M203 E7200 ;max speed mm/min
M566 E300 ;instantaneous speed change mm/min
M201 E3000 ;acceleration mm/s2
M906 E1200 I10 ;motor current 1.2A idle current 10%
M572 D0 S0.02 ;pressure advance – to be calibrated
M207 S1.5 F7200 Z0.2 ;firmware retraction

Klipper Configuration

microsteps: 16
full_steps_per_rotation: 200
rotation_distance: 4.637
nozzle_diameter: x.xx #define nozzle diameter
filament_diameter: 1.750
max_extrude_only_distance: 500
max_extrude_only_velocity: 120
pressure_advance: 0.025 #to be calibrated
pressure_advance_smooth_time: 0.03     #to be calibrated

[tmc2208 extruder] interpolate: true
run_current: 0.85 #**
hold_current: 0.100
sense_resistor: 0.11 #**
stealthchop_threshold: 0
driver_TBL: 0
driver_HEND: 6
driver_HSTRT: 7
driver_TOFF: 4

**Very important note!!! 

Please make sure the sense resistor is set according to what you have on board.

TMC2130, TMC2208 and TMS2209 usually have 0.11
TMC2660 have 0.051Ω
 TMC5160 have usually 0.075Ω.

As an example, if you set by mistake the sense resistor to 0.11Ω instead of 0.051Ω the real current of the motor will be more than double, and the power injected in the motor more than four time higher, yes you read it correctly FOUR – AKA 4 times higher. 0.85A shall give a power loss of about 3.5W doubling the current will lead to >14W – this will melt all the plastic gearset before you even notice something is wrong!

How you can identify the sense resistor? It’s pretty easy, look for two identical resistors which are bigger than all the others onboard or around the stepper driver. See the examples in the next pictures.

Resistor marking examples:

R110 means 0.11Ω
R075 means 0.075Ω
 R051 means 0.051Ω

Initial setup and test:

Set the current to a very low level 0.1-0.2A. Command extrusion, you should see the extruder turns but it skips steps very easy. This means you are tingling the right configuration, then set it to what it should be and check motor temperature, should not exceed 75°C at room temperature. If yes you might have misconfigured something (shunt / sense resistor) causing higher motor current than you think you’ve set.

Marlin Configuration:

There are two ways to configure Marlin for the Orbiter extruder.

1) Send configuration commands via user interface and save them to EEPROM.

2) Edit and change Marlin configuration files: Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h recompile and reflash your microcontroller firmware.

Send the following commands via USB:

M350 E16 ;micro stepping set to 16
M92 E690 ;steps/mm – you may need to finetune it
M201 E3000 ;acceleration mm/s2
M203 E120 ;max speed mm/s
M205 E5 ;E jerk mm/s
M906 T0 E850 ;TMC motor RMS current in mA
M900 T0 K0.22 L0.02 ;linear advance values to be calibrated
M207 S1.5 F7200 Z0.2 ;firmware retraction
M500 ;save settings to EEPROM

For more information please visit the Orbiter website here: