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FAQ Wiring Guide: (Source From LDO Motor Docs):

Preparing the Cable Chain and Cables


Let us first prepare the cable chain and cables for installation. Note that the cable chain contains two different ends. The longer end can bend both ways, whereas the shorter end can only bend one way. You will want to attach the longer end to the Kirigami bed frame and attach the other shorter end to the printer frame. 


Now detach both ends of the cable chain and install them to their respective locations (You may have already done this by following the official Voron manual). 


If you didn’t follow the manual and preinstall the chain ends; or if you installed them incorrectly, don’t worry. The Kirigami bed frame makes it very easy to install/uninstall the cable chain. We also provide this mod that provides attachment points for the cable chain inside the skirts. 


 Checking the Chain Length


Before proceeding, now is a good time to check the length of the cable chain. Move the kirigami all the way to the top and attach the cable chain to its two ends. Add extra lengths as needed, if the chain is too short. Conversely, you should also check if the chain is too long. No part of the chain should be above the horizontal extrusion, see photo below:


 Running the Cables


With the ends detached, we will now run the bed cables through the cable chain. There are three cables: 

  • Bed thermistor extension cable (included separately in V0 kits)
  • Bed heater extension cable (included separately in V0 kits)
  • Bed Neopixel cable (included in all kirigami kits)

Note that both the neopixel and bed thermistor have their plastic connector housing removed on one side, Do NOT install the housing yet! This is done so that you can easily run the cables through the cable chain.


Note that we have labelled the ends of cables and cable chain with A and B. Our goal is to run the cables through so that all A ends of the cables are at the A end of the cable chain and vice versa. We recommend running the cables in this order: 

  1. Bed heater extension cable
  2. Bed Neopixel cable
  3. Bed thermistor extension cable

 Installing the Connector Housing


With all the cables run through the cable chain. We can now install the connector housing to the thermistor cable and Neopixel cable:

  • There is no polarity for thermistor, so you can install the JST-XH 2pin housing with either polarity.
  • For the Neopixel cable, we added colour coded heat shrinks to each wire. The red cable end is 5V, the white cable end is DATA, and black is GND. If you are using an SKR Mini E3 or SKR Pico as the mainboard, you can refer to the following photo to install the housing.

 Installing the Cable Chain to the Kirigami Frame


We can now attach the chain to the pre-installed chain end on the Kirigami. Next, we will install the cable ends to their respective locations. Refer to the photos below


 Wiring the Heatbed to the Kirigami Frame


Finally, we can finish wiring by connecting the heater leads and thermistor of the heatbed to the kirigami frame