Assembly Guide using DREMC Nevermore Kit 

Install Video:

The main difference in our kit, is kit include Waggo wire connector to join the fan in parallel.

Nevermore Acid Free Carbons:

More Information:

Install Guide for Micro V4:

Special Thanks for LDO Motors Nevermore Guide Photos Guide:

Modified the guide to as we include wago to connect the fans instead of soldering PC PCB in DREMC kits

Written Guide

Modify the fan shroud for both 5015 fans.

 1. Separate the fan by prying tabs that hold enclosure together


2. Carefully use a pair of wire snips and remove the section of plastic from the fans. (Be VERY CAREFUL if you use a box cutter, razor blade, knife for this step, we do recommend using blue electronics cutter that most budget 3D Printer includes.) 

3. Repeat this for both fans

4. Add one heatset insert into the plenum and fan.

5. Add one heatset insert into the cartridge

6. Remove Fan Connector

7. Run the right fan wiring through the cable management.


8. Run the left fan wiring through the cable management. 


9. Attached the fans. Use four M3x16 BHCS screws to attach the fans to the plenum.

10. Insert magnet: Use a drop of superglue to affix the 6mmx3mm magnets into each of the holes one at a time.  Be sure to keep the magnetic poles the same.

11. Wiring to mainboard, please to lower section of different wiring options.

Wiring Examples: 

Wiring Example using provided Wago:

Extending and runnning fan off two separated fan headers:

Extend the existing wire back to main board and running off two separated fa headers, and for klipper configuration copy and paste same config with different pin header for second fan. 

12. Secure the Plenum Lid: Slide the plenum lid into the grooves of the plenum body. Secure the lid with the M3x18 BHCS screw.

Install for 2.4 (under the bed)

1. Insert two M3 T-Nuts into the bed extrusion

2. Attach the Nevermore Plenum to the extrusions using two M3x12 SHCS screws

Connector Wiring Fan (Octopus Connection) Verify the jumper is set to 24v (same voltage as Blower Fan)

Example Nevermore Klipper Configuration [pin depend on which header you plug fan into]

[heater_fan exhaust_fan]

# Exhaust fan - CNC_FAN3
pin: PD13
max_power: 1.0
shutdown_speed: 0.0
kick_start_time: 5.0
heater: heater_bed
heater_temp: 60
fan_speed: 1.0