The original Source of Voron 2.4 Manual:

The original Source of Voron Trident /1.8 Manual:

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The added notes for LDO 3D Printer Kits base off Voron Official Manual.

Trident :

2.4R2  REVC Kits : (Community :


Do note, PDF contains hyperlink to link to reference which reference LDO documentation and github printed parts. Extra mods are not included within manual, please refer them separately or contact Support if you need assistance with Klicky/Nevermore optional upgrades.We still recommend reading through LDO build guide and follow any electronics wiring guide, our modified may not include minor changes between LDO batch or revision changes. The manual is only provided as guide, for any up to date information please refer to LDO documentation and LDO Voron channel for further assistance or feel free to contact us. 

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