Support is provided via email and discord and appointment phone call.

Resources: (Voron Website) (Voron Documentation) (Voron Discord) (LDO Bom List and specific electronic wiring)

LDO Voron Kit Specific Manuals (Added some specific step/hints require for LDO Voron Builds) :


We highly recommenced reference the manual or build video or searching on discord before sending us a questions or asking on the community as high chance it already has been answered.

Active community assistance on discord and ask the community on Discord ( (Any specific questions can be asked directly to developers of Voron and LDO Kit) or use search function within discord to find specific questions that may already been answered/ask by another community member.

If you still cannot find your answer please submit a Ticket via our freshdesk or email

If you find a part is missing parts or defective on arrival, please contact us directly via ticket or email support above. If you need a printed part that was damaged during your install or missing from your PIF/Brought kit, please let us know we happy to provide those missing printed parts on our Voron.

For any suggestions on LDO kits we suggest you leave your suggestion on LDO Motor specific channel on discord or email us with suggestion and will forward it to our rep.

Should I buy this?

  1. First time build or into 3D printing? We would recommended against but if you willing to learn along the way it a great project to uptake just do note the whole build can take up to 20-40 hours(2.4) or 12-14 hours(0.1) of your time or more depending on your experience. Experienced builders can build one between 20-30 hours(2.4), 8-10 hours(0.1). The best resources is Voron discord channel link below in resources, the helpful community can answer most question you may have going into this project.
  2. Which project should I undertake? 
    1. Voron 0.1 is bit more difficult due to smaller printer with build volume of 120mmx120mm with CoreXY design with Z lead screw bed. It a great small prototyping printer and overall printer with filament dryer is around 30cmx25cm. The Z axis and frame require a bit more than to get squared due to small size and usage of pre-loaded nut in build process which require double checking or require disassembly if loaded nuts are missed.
    2. Voron 2.4 is popular larger bed size printer (up to 350mmx350mm) with modified CoreXY design with a fixed bed using 4 point gantry tramming to align print surface. It designed to be fully enclosed and suitable for printing ABS/ASA and larger prints.
    3. Trident has all major feature from 2.4 in a more simpler build and overall easier printer to maintain. traditionally it offer limit Z height due to the z rod beds but LDO Motors offer size up to 300x300x300.
  3. LDO Kits dramatically reduce the wiring and electronics stage by using pre-made wiring looms for both 0.1 and 2.4, usually this add around 1-5 hours of wiring and crimping connectors but pre-made looms and LDO documentation can reduce electronics wiring under 1 hour with limit crimping required. The hotend thermeristor/heater is probably the only step require to crimped to suit the LDO hotend breakout board depending on your hotend. If you use a standard heater block the included heater/thermeristor cartridge should be a plug and play for hotend such as Dragon/BMO/BMS etc.
  4. Pre-Order or In Stock? If you unsure which kit would be suitable, feel free to contact our sales support @ and request a call back request. We have in stock locally kit, and new upcoming kits from LDO which they continue to add and improve their kit but require some wait time, other wise in stock kit can be dispatched within same business day or pick up for local customers.

What should I do first? 

  1. Head to official voron Website and download and select your printer and download user manual and read thoroughly.
  2. Head to Voron Github and download require parts (Printed Bom List: At minimal download and print out essential parts, cosmetics parts can printer on Voron after build.
  3. Read the manual thoroughly or watch below build log.

Build Video

NERO 3D (Voron 0 / 0.1) :

ModBot (Voron 0.1):

Greg's Maker Corner (Voron 0.1): (Video is spaced out, a good playlist when you're stuck on a certain area but do note it not LDO kits and some instructions such as wiring and hotend refer to LDO motors doc)

NERO 3D (Voron 2.4 - On Going):

Do we sell printed parts?

We do offer printed service(, there is a  alternatives such as official PrintItFoward ( we usually recommended if you plan to order a kit to sign up beforehand and get queue early or via local Australia Voron community that offer functional part at reasonable pricing below. We are happy to assist if you need a misc part that you find was missing or broken during install, please contact our support for more information. If you still want source printed parts from us, please contact us and we can provide a quote.

Rough Pricing for PrintItFoward:

Voron 0 Functional Parts Kit:
From $180 AUD + Shipping (Local Maker Bogan Community: $70 + Shipping) - Updated on 10th September 2022

Voron 2.4 Functional Parts Kit:
From $200 AUD + Shipping (Local Maker Bogan Community: $140 + Shipping) - Updated on 10th September 2022

You can also find other site that offers this service or you could use 3D printing service but these are usually higher priced and quality may varied between 3D Printing Services. 

How long does it take to print all the required parts?

The print time can depend on your printer but usually around a 2 week for Voron 0.1 or around 1 weeks for Voron 2.4.

We recommenced ABS+ for the price and easy of printing. Do note we highly recommenced printing in well ventilated room with no pets. (ABS ONLY FOR STRUCTURE PARTS no PETG/PLA) PLA/PETG suitable for outer chamber parts such as display housing, skirts, panels clips, handles. eSUN ABS+ is a good budget option or Polymaker Polylite ASA is another option.

Please follow this guide for printed parts (

What consumable do I need before?

  • Thread lock Medium Strength
  • Lithium Grease (PTFE Based) or sewing machine oil
  • Super Glue (For some optional mods and door magnetic)
  • ISO/Meth Alcohol (To clean the rail before re-greasing with Lithium PTFE base or Sewing machine oil)
  • Your favorite snacks

What tools do I need before?

(MUST HAVE Tools and experience with): Some of tools is not as necessary for Voron LDO Kits such as wire strippers but does make easier to if you wish to strip wires for other hotend configuration (contact us if you're unsure).

  • Set of metric hex wrenches (“keys”) from at least 1.5mm - 5mm. (Wiha, Wera, or Bondhus are preferred)
  • Standard screwdrivers
  • Wire strippers from 16 gauge (1.25mm) to 26 gauge (0.405mm) (Optional 0.1, 2.4 depending on hotend, you may need to extend or reduce length and crimp connector on wiring to breakout-board)
  • Diagonal wire cutters, small
  • Soldering iron (solder skills helpful)
  • Multimeter (Optional, handy for testing wiring connection)
  • Metric calipers, 6”/150mm
  • Crimpers (Not require for 0.1 if you stick with LDO Kit hotend option, for 2.4 depending on hotend you may require terminal crimpers for breakout board screw terminal but if you stick with traditional hotend with heater and thermistor option, LDO kit provides 50watts/100k thermistor)
    • Molex Crimpers (Good: IWISS IWS-3220M, Better: Engineer PA-09, Best: Molex Crimper)
    • Ferrule Crimpers
    • Terminal Crimpers

Helpful (Nice to have tools):

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Tweezers
  • Small “X-Acto” knife
  • Machinist scale / ruler, either 6”/150mm or 12”/300mm
  • Machinist square, 4”/100mm or larger (Sometimes called “locksmith angles”, see DIN 875)
  • Deburring tool
  • Small files
  • Small flashlight
  • Precision screwdriver set
  • Heat shrink labeler