Klipper Voron Common Fixes / Tips

Modified on Wed, 5 Oct, 2022 at 11:28 AM

AC Heater flicker light when heating up the bed.

In the heater section of Klipper printer.cfg add below code, this should reduce or remove flicker.

pwm_cycle_time: 0.02 

Save and restarting configuration and try bed heater again. 

Back up Klipper Configuration

Once printer is calibrated we highly recommenced saving your configuration locally to your computer, as configuration saved onto raspberry pi sd card is not always reliable and depending on SD Card you may loose your configuration due to SD card corruption or failed sd card. 

A helpful checklist video by Nero 3D

Klipper Voron Pressure Advance Tuning by Nero 3D

Neo-Pixel Wiring Guide:

Hot Mount Y-Rails (How to improve bed variance) 

Confirm screws on the Y rails are tight.
Home and QGL
Move toolhead to the center of the printer, add some Z height to make easier to access the rail screws
Loosen all the Y rail screws except for the 2 center screws
Heat soak the chamber for approximately 1 hour to ~55C
Turn off the bed heater and extruder heater
Re-tighten the Y rail screws from center outward to the ends of the rails (be careful not to burn yourself)
Move the toolhead back and check the 2 center screws to make sure they are still tight
Home and QGL
Run Mesh

Another option is purchased one Gantry Backers (only really required on 2.4) :

LDO Kit upgrade path to CW2 (with stealth burner) for batch <3.

Resources and Printed Parts: https://github.com/MotorDynamicsLab/LDOVoron2/tree/main/STLs/LDOSBCW2MountCover

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