Note: for SB included CAN cable cable is tinned, we recommended cutting off tinned and re-crimping with ferrules or use bare wire. 

Video Guide:

Btt Documentation Github: (Klipper Configuration Example and pre-flashed bin)

See below attached PDF for written guide EBB32 / EBB42. The setup process between 1.2/1.0 is same, just note the different IO layout.

EBB SB2240/SB2209 Documentation:

Alternative Github Guide: (Credit:

Board Pinout (Please double check if you have V1 or V1.2 by checking the note on packaging) (All DREMC EBB36/42 boards is 1.2 version)

EBB SB2240 CAN V1.0

EBB SB2209 CAN V1.0