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My z axis drops as soon as power off my printer!

Probably the most asked question, but I can promise that your axis does not have to drop! As already mentioned, the z motor is very small. Therefore the magnetic field that exists in the motor even without power isn't very strong. But it's strong enough to keep the axis up.

I don't care, my axis is dropping, what can I do?

  1. You are using the original V-Rollers? Be sure they are properly set up. Turn the eccentric nut until the rollers are in contact with the profile. Put a little tension on the rollers, but not too much! Do not risk a flat spot of your rollers. The tension is correct when they are tight, and you can't turn them with your finger in the same place, but the axis moves when you turn the rollers.
  2. You have no rollers or your axis is still dropping? Tension your long belts a little more. Increase the tension until your axis stops dropping. Be careful not to break something. But the parts can take a lot of tension. Otherwise, check out my FAQ video about how to tension the belts (THE VIDEO HAS STILL TO BE CREATED).
  3. Tension the small looped belt a bit more as well. But very carefully! Usually the tension only needs to be high enough to keep the belt from slipping over the printed wheel. But you can increase the tension a little bit. But not too much, otherwise the motor can't turn anymore.
  4. That sounds too complicated? Your motor is also too hot? A solution would be a bigger motor, like the one on the X and Y axis. A bigger motor is able to hold the axis up very easily, with less tension and less heat. But as I said, this is not necessary, it also works with the original motor.
  5. New solution: Install the Keybak System (added 31.10.2021).

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