Drying Time Recommendation

Note: If you cannot reach dryer listed temperature, set to max temperature and double below time for every 5 degrees below recommended. The longer you left the filament out in high moisture environment the longer you may need to dry the filament. We highly recommend printing within dryer box while active or fully enclosure box to ensure minimal moisture absorption during print as this will effect the quality and physical properties of filament.

Warning: Please dry your filament is well ventilated room, drying filament also release any harmful VOC that filament may have such as ABS/ASA for instance.

MaterialsDryer TemperatureDrying Time
PLA / PLA+ / Matte PLA50°C-55°C> 4h - 6h
ABS65°C-70°C > 3h - 6h
PETG *65°C > 6h - 8h
Nylon *80°C - 100°C> 8h -12h
ASA *65-70°C> 4h - 6h
TPU 95 *65°C> 4h - 8h
TPU 90 *70°C>6h - 8h
PVA *80°C> 6h - 12h
PC *75-100 °C>4h - 6h
PA 12
> 4h - 8h
> 4h - 6h
> 4h - 12h

* Recommend printing in a dry box/filament dryer (while running) as these materials are more hygroscopic and tend to draw moisture and will cause changes to materials characteristic during a long print if not ambient moisture is not kept low. 

Polymaker/DREMC cardboard spool max drying temp is under 70-75c max, Polymaker/DREMC Plastic Spool is rated at 90-100c, please always check with your manufacturer if unsure. You may require filament clamp to keep cardboard in place when drying in 70-100 range. More Info here: https://support.dremc.com.au/en/support/solutions/articles/51000342355-dremc-filament-snap-on-addon

Note: if you drying above 80°C -120°C + we recommended re-spooling materials to metal spool or drying a lower temperature to prevent spool melting/warping especially if the spool is not full. 

Note: Take care when drying nearly empty or 50% spools are some plastic spool may warp under the higher temperature which may limit filament is running on edge rollers/ams systems.

Note: When using an oven/dryer is always best pre-heat and measure temperatures as consumer dryers/oven can and will go over set temperature and may have 5-20°C temperature in variance. This can cause melting cardboard/plastic/glue or even filament at the higher dryer temperature or warped plastic spool if the filament is half used. Similar with Eibos Dryer X, as max temperature can vary between units please ensure what is temperature of your unit beforehand. 

Warning: We personally do not recommended using same kitchen oven as filament does release fumes, particles and harmful VOC. Using a portable oven just for filament dryer is preferable method for drying higher than 60c+ or stick with lower temperature on regular dryer for longer dry time. 

Note: Above table is ~1kg spool and drying time may vary depending on moisture level within the filament. As usually most filament are not dried from factory even if it dried, after factoring transportation/storage of filament from factory production most spool will be wet. As majority packaging are clear vacuum bags will absorb moisture at higher rate compare to silver(aluminum coated) bags(PETG/ASA/NYLON/TPU/PC Filament from Polymaker/DREMC) is able to keep filament dryer longer but still can vary depending on storage conditions. If un-sure please refer below to check if filament is wet before starting print.

Note: Do note, repeatedly drying your filament will eventually degrade the plastic/polymers over a long period(Generally days, weeks, or month depending on polymer) can become brittle, so we really recommenced a proper storage solution at minimal use the re-saleable vacuum bag (included in all Polymaker Filament and DREMC Filament) with a desiccant sachets. Ideally the filament should be stored in storage location where the humidity is under between 5-15%.

How do I know if filament is wet?

Wet filament can cause problems such as stringing, blobbing, reduced strength, quality in print or inconsistent extrusion. A simple way to test if you're filament is wet or not, is extruder some filament at printing temperature. If you hear popping or inconsistent extrusion. You can always share your photo/clip with support of extrusion, if you're unsure. https://support.dremc.com.au/support/tickets/new



Image Source: 3dtechsupplies / http://www.3dtechsupplies.com.au/