Bigtreetech Display Firmware Flashing Guide

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NOTE: For devices with USB flash drive support, it is possible to update the icons, fonts, config and the language files from a USB flash drive in the same way it is done through an SD card. However, the firmware can only be updated using an SD card.

The following steps are needed in order to install the firmware:

  1. Copy the precompiled BIGTREE_TFT*_V*.*.*.bin or your self compiled firmware, plus the TFT* folder of your preferred theme along with config.ini to the root of a blank SD card not greater than 8GB and formatted as FAT32:


  2. Optionally, copy one or more language_*.ini file(s) onto the SD card. Doing so, it will allow you to switch between English and the uploaded language(s) from the Language menu present in the TFT firmware. We recommend to upload the minimum amount of languages to keep the memory usage low. The language_*.ini file can be edited to change the text shown on the TFT:

    Language Pack

  3. Place the SD card with BIGTREE_TFT*_V*.*.*.bin, the TFT* folder, config.ini and the optional language_*.ini file(s) into the TFT's SD card reader and reset your TFT (or optionally - power cycle your printer) to start the update process:

     ⚠️ Failing to update your icons & fonts will result in missing icons and/or unreadable text ⚠️ 

    Update process shown on TFT screen:

    A successful update looks like this on the screen:

    Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 22 10 04

    ... and the name of the elements on the SD card changes to this:

    After Update

    In case one or several parts of the update failed, an error will be shown. Follow the information on the screen to update the missing or outdated elements:

    Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 14 37 36

     ⚠️ Errors during the update can not be ignored and must be solved before using the TFT ⚠️ 

    After the update is done and the files are renamed, it is possible to reuse them again. To do so, change the name of the element(s) to the pre-update name and start the update process again.

  4. After a successful update, the TFT will switch to one of the following menus:

    • Main menu: The update is completed and you can use the TFT
    • Touch Screen Calibration menu: A post installation process is needed before switching to Main menu. Please, see Post Installation section for completing the post installation process

TIP: Format the SD card after the firmware update in case you would like to print from it.

Post Installation

In case major changes have been applied by the installed firmware, a post installation process consisting on touch screen calibration is automatically started.

Please, see Touch Screen Calibration section for completing the process.

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