Bambu Labs Spool Snap On for AMS:

(If you have damaged your cardboard spool, please use attached files clamp+roller combo and using roller or ams system). We recommend printing in PETG

Note: For some filament such as ASA/ABS/ABS+ it less dense so filament are packed more to full, so you may have initial issues with retracting filament, please keep a eye on retraction of new full roll.

AMS Feeder (Best suited for CF Filled Filaments) :

See attached STL for center stiffer for Creality type of spool holders(if you have experience feeding issues) and also suitable for damaged cardboard spool or for drying filament over rated 80c for engineering materials such as our Nylon and CF blends filaments. As glue is only rated for 75c, so make sure you print in ASA/ABS if part is for drying, otherwise for reduce frictions of cardboard spool, PLA/PETG is suitable. 

The Updated design are suitable for AMS or damaged cardboard due to drops, Source:

For B2B, you still have option to order 1kg or 3kg spools in Plastic/Cardboard. 5/10kg spools are only plastic, please re-use and recycle when possible.

Source of the attached CLAMPS:

Previous version of Snap on Ring V1.1: