At DREMC we understand that 3D printing's not as straightforward as the ads you've seen, especially if you need it to perform a specific function. You may want a 3D printer to to print in flexible material, purely to create architectural buildings and bring life to your designs, create end use products directly from the machine, create miniatures etc. These all require a specific workflow and important procedures that must be undertaken to ensure effective use.

We can train your staff, lab, school or yourself to perform a specific function or recommend you a package that will do the thing you need it to do.

Consulting can covers a variety of services including:

  • Custom printer build depending on your use function
  • Custom print farm depending on your use function
  • Consultation in design for additive manufacturing
  • Slicer setup and procedures Guide
  • Machine maintenance Guide
  • Consumables advise Guide
  • Overview of how a 3D printer mechanically operates

Our Rates starts from $145 per hour on site (not including call out fee), or $85 per hour over the phone/email (billable by the 10 minutes chucks) for off site support. Basic email support consulting is offer at free basis after are consulting session. (All prices quoted include GST).

Please contact us to arrange your training today! Cost will depend what is require and which printers and how many people participate per session.