Ensure proper PPE is worn when post processing ABS/ABS+/ASA according to AS/NZS 1716 & 1715.



Sanding/Smoothing (Polymaker ABS/DREMC ABS/DREMC ABS+/DREMC ASA/Polymaker ASA) - Wet sanding

  1. You can start using a more coarse grit sandpaper(100-200 grit) if you sand object to desire size/dimension and use finer grit to smooth the surface(400-800 grit), we highly recommenced using wet sanding method to reduce dust particles.  

Vapor Smoothing with Acetone (Polymaker ABS/DREMC ABS/DREMC ASA/Polymaker ASA)

  1. Read and ensure you understand the safety and risk of Acetone
  2. Ensure proper PPE are worn when handling both 3D printer parts and acetone and through the process
  3. In seal-able container, suspend the printed part on platform and leaving empty space for the acetone.
  4. Slowly add acetone onto the bottom oft he container and seal the container for up to 20minutes until the desire finish.
  5. Remove the part and leave to dry in well ventalted room or ducted environment
  6. Dispose of the acetone according to its SDS and instructions

Additional resources: https://all3dp.com/2/abs-acetone-smoothing-3d-print-vapor-smoothing/

Painting (Polymaker ABS/DREMC ABS/DREMC ABS+/DREMC ASA/Polymaker ASA)

  1.  Clean printed parts with soap to reduce any oils and residue or wear glove when handing parts from the 3D printer, if left on unenclosed printer dust can get onto part so recommend air dry or clean from any dust.
  2. Apply applicable paint primer for you desire paint for better adhesion to the desire painting surface.
  3. Paint the printed part using any of enamel, spray paint, acrylic based and leave for dry in well ventilated or ducted environment. (Please follow original pain manufacturer recommended drying time and conditions and their SDS)
  4. Optional: Apply sealer or protective coating for specific application and use case if required.